Intermediate Series: Thank You Card Q1 2019

Intermediate Series: Thank You Card Q1 2019


$5 for Members; $10 for Visitors

We welcome Drop-ins, but we prefer advance notice, so we have enough kits for all attendees.

This follows a beginner-level class, which means:

  • we have tools if you need them (feel free to bring your own and we will help you learn to use them)

  • we have ALL needed supplies for the class for you

  • we will teach you how to use the tools & supplies

  • we will keep the design simple

We GUARANTEE you will leave with a completed item!

The Intermediate class immediately follows the Beginner class.  If you wish to stay for “part 2”, we will discount your attendance fee.

  • apply the technique you just learned a second time

  • make a more elaborate finished product, using embellishments or additional techniques

Regular classroom amenities include:

  • 4’x4′ table (w/cutout to reach more of the table)

  • comfortable, rolling chairs

  • LED overhead lighting with friendly “color temperature”

  • Unisex rest room

  • Soft drinks and tea are available for purchase. 

  • Guests are welcome to use the water dispenser for free. 

  • Some guests bring adult libations, which is OK with us as long as things stay sane and safe. 

  • We are happy for people to bring a snack or meal with them, as long as they clean up their food before they leave (trash and recycling facilities are available onsite).

MIY Copperfield is a working shop, which means it is not safe for younger children.  If you have an older child, who you trust to stay safe and who you can continuously accompany while on premises, we are happy to have not-quite-adult visitors.  NO children (defined as persons under 18 years of age) may be left unattended on premises.


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